Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome July

Slender Man Rebuild
Day 11 (7/1/14)

You would have thought after last night’s birthday revelry we would have slept in but we woke up to a beautiful sunny, however windy, day. Days like this can’t be wasted lying around. So after some coffee for me and milk for Wade it was off to the trail. It had stormed again last night but this time we were lucky and didn't get the worst of it. All around us there was flooding, wind damage and even some reported tornadoes on the western side of the state. We had about a half inch of unneeded rain but otherwise went unscathed. The trail was quiet which allowed me some time to do some repairs. I even started a new build in the area around Tripod. The one thing about building in the wind is that it forces you to beef up the structure.  Perhaps because of it they may actually stay up longer. We started building almost as soon as we hit the trail. Wade looked on with obvious curiosity as I proceeded to rebuild “A Question of Balance”. I would have put more time in but I noticed bikers off in the distance so down the road we went. Next we came to “Slender man” which had gone over a couple of nights ago. I think this one has some potential because it is unlike anything else we are doing but again bikers disrupted our building. Tomorrow we can work on it some more. By now Wade had fallen fast to sleep. I met a past student of mine on the trail and spent some time talking to her. She has been following my building for years and sometimes lets me know were one has gone down. Because of the wind I again decided to cut short our ride and head back. By then Wade was awake again so he watched me repair “Water works”. I made one more stop at “Tripod” to gather some materials for a new build at that site. I found some good materials so I am excited about tomorrows build.
Gratuitous Boy and his Micro bus Picture

"A Question of Balance" Rebuild

"Water Works" Rebuild

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