Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two, Two,Two Days in One

Wade Wednesday
Day 15 (7/9/14)
Boy what a day. It was Wade Wednesday and Eileen had the day off so we headed out to the bike trail. We thought Wade would fall to sleep almost immediately because he looked so tired. We could not have been more wrong. He stayed awake all the way to Oostburg. We tried stopping once on the way to Oostburg to make a build but were soon chased away by mosquitoes. It was a nice day nevertheless so we thought we would just ride and enjoy it. On the way home the wind seemed to pick up so I tried again and this time I managed to get a build started. I always look at builds as works in progress because I know sooner or later I will have to fix something on them. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting the materials to an area so that they are assessable. It is always nice having Eileen along to act as lookout and photographer. While I was building Eileen took the opportunity to photograph a bunny that must have thought it was hidden in the tall grass. I had one more opportunity to build before we headed home. Again, I would by no means consider this a finished product by any means but a start. For the second half of the day you will have to go to:

Eileen and Wade at Oostburg

One of Two Plunkers I saw on the Trail

Eileen's Bunny

Can you find the bunny in this picture?

Capping it Off

A Start

Turkey Vulture

More Building

Another Start

Another Turkey Vulture

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