Sunday, February 7, 2016

Walking the Trail

"Tripod" Standing
Day 1 (2/7/16)
And so it begins again. The temperature was approaching forty degrees by the time we had finished our breakfast and decided to skip our usual exercise routines and head out for a walk on the bike trail. So far this winter we hadn’t had a chance to do our customary snowshoe or ski trips. It has been a mild winter so far and when we did have snow we didn’t have opportunity. The sky was blue and except for a slight breeze the weather was perfect. The trail was still mostly snow covered and crusty although in most places the edge was clear. It made for some slippery areas but mostly clear sailing. As always I was curious to see what has survived the winter. I was pleasantly surprised. Many of the builds were at least partially standing. When we got to the “Sculpture Garden” area three of the main builds including “Tripod” were still erect. I spent a little time adding to them before heading for home. I thought about doing more building but most of the materials were still snow covered or froze down. It did make me yearn for spring.
Partially Standing

A little rebuilding

I can't wait for spring