Monday, June 27, 2016

All work and no play…

Tripod back up
Day 3 (6/26/16)

As the saying goes “all work and no play…”  Last year at this time Wade and I had been out on the bike trails every day for two weeks by now. With the purchase of the town hall my plan has been to get all of my summer tasks done before I start working on the hall. That and not needing to babysit Wade leaves the trail kind of neglected. I decided today however to take a break and go out and spend some time with Wade on the trail. His mom decided to come with us. That worked out well because Wade is no longer satisfied to sit and watch. He has matured so much from last year and now is full of questions and suggestions. I have to be careful though because I don’t want anything falling on him. I would switch between drawing with him and his mom Rita and building. Everything has been down since spring so there was no trouble finding materials. As always I started with Tripod. It just doesn’t feel right if Tripod isn’t standing. Rita and Wade found some wild strawberries which were very small but Wade said tasty. After three quick builds Wade started getting restless and it was time to hit the trail. We biked on a little farther and then headed for home. I will have to try to get out on the trail at least once a week.
Wade and Rita making the drawerings

Making Ants

Wades Strawberry

A couple rebuilds

Why do you build these Grandpa?

Looking to the future

First Town Hall Meeting

First Meeting
Day 1 (6/25/16)

Recently my wife Eileen and I decided to purchase what used to be the Belgium Town Hall to remodel into a studio and gallery. It has not been without its setbacks. At first we were supposed to have the closing and be in there on June twenty-fourth but due to some issues it was postponed to the end of August. At that point we were seriously thinking about scrapping the whole thing because I would have no time to work on it before we went back to school. I however let my fingers do the walking and eventually found a way to get it back to June. We had planned a bit of a hall warming celebration for the twenty-fifth when once again we heard from the realtor that the closing date had to be moved to July sixth but that we could have the keys and get started on the twenty-fourth. At this point we still haven’t closed and have our fingers crossed for the Sixth of July but decided to go ahead with the “First Town Hall Meeting” anyway. I had drawn up some rough floor plans so each person could develop their own ideas on how the studio and gallery should be laid out. We had brought some food and beverages and everybody had a good time measuring, drawing and making plans for the future of the hall. Since there is no electricity or water yet the meeting was going to be short and was adjourned to the Cedar Grove Legion Hall aka our home. You see, we are no strangers to remodeling halls since when we bought our house over twenty years ago it was a Legion Hall. I am very excited about getting going on the remodel but will probably put of all but some cleaning until after the sixth.
A little food before the meeting

Serious business

Some discussion
Planning for the future