Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Return to Fischer Creek

Day 27 (11/25/12)
It has been one of those summers that it is hard to let go of. Although the temperature was often outrageous and most of the country experienced one of the worst droughts ever there was a lot of gorgeous weather as well. Perhaps because of the lack of rain there was more than enough time to have fun. At any rate I am not ready for winter and when we saw that Sunday was going to be at least seasonably warm we decided we needed to take one more trip to Fischer Creek for some rocks. Eileen had recently sold a couple of necklaces and we were reminded that she would need more stones for the winter. We needed some supplies from Fleet Farm so we decided to run through Plymouth on our way to the beach. After leaving Plymouth we thought it would be fun to take some back roads across to the lake.  Our trip took us up hwy 57 to Kiel where as we were coming into town we noticed a sign for “Abler Art Glass” studios and turned on in. We were not disappointed. We started by watching a glass vase being blown and although we have seen it before it is always impressive to watch. We then went in to peruse the merchandise. There was some really fun stuff and if we had more room in our house we may have actually thought more seriously about a couple of pieces. We settled on some earrings and a pendant for Eileen and were back on the road again. From Kiel we headed up Hwy 67 the St Nazianz. From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to Fischer Creek. When we got there it was kind of overcast and we were a little afraid it was going to be kind of cold and windy but when we got down by the beach much of the wind was blocked. After about a half hour of collecting the sun came out and the sky became almost totally clear. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful November day. We spend a couple of hours walking the beach and combing for stones. As always it was hard to leave but the hollow spot in my stomach was reminding me that we hadn't eaten since breakfast. So with our new found treasures we pointed the car south and headed on home.


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Our Inspiration "Lil Z"
Day 26 (10/6/12)
This summer our friends Grant and Sally Van Driest invited us over to their house for the first ever “Done in a Day” celebration. We have collaborated with the Van Driest for many years but it had always been Paper making celebrations at our house so they decided to develop their own celebration of creation. The basic idea is to have everything you need to make art ready before hand such as boards, paint in various types of applicators, and tools for manipulating the paint. Since the first event Eileen and I have started accumulating quite a menagerie of paint and applicators. The applicators are as important as the paint itself. These include everything from atomizers, squeeze bottles and various brushes and devises used to put the paint on the boards. Once the application of paint starts nothing is off limits. Under the tutelage of our mentor “Lil Z” we threw caution to the wind and some paintings as well. When finally the sun started going down we had quite the collection of art work. We pondered the idea of setting up some shows were everything we displayed would have been made in one day, “Done in a Day” shows.
Hard at Play

Works in Progress

A Deck full of Art