Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Ice Critter

The start
Day 5 (2/25/12)
When I went outside this morning I noticed a small trail in the fresh powdering of snow. I tracked it back to where it had come out from the yard. I then followed its meandering trail as it wandered along the driveway toward the house. It then circled around changed direction and went over to check out an ice chunk before continuing back down the driveway away from the house. Finally I found it where it still sat not a creature at all but a small chunk of ice. By noon all trace of ice and trail had melted leaving only the memories.

On it's way

A little meandering

Checking out an Ice clump

The end of the line

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fruits of Our Labor

Algoma Stones

Day 4 (2/20/12)
I have had this one on hold for awhile. Last fall every chance we got Eileen and I could be found picking our way along one beach or another in search of the perfect rock or rocks. It actually started with a trip to Algoma where we were captivated by every flat little stone on the beach. Each stone seemed to be better than the last. After filling up our coffee cups and pockets we were well on our way to becoming addicts. The question was, now that we have the rocks what do we do with them? Before we even got home the idea had hatched to get a drill press. Eileen decided she was going to make jewelry out of them. We also decided that we were going to keep them separated by beach to give them a special individuality. So the first batch was Algoma Stones. Soon after they were followed by Point Beach stones, Harrington Beach stones and Amsterdam Beach Stones. The first motif was obvious, they had to be stackers. From there Eileen started making earrings and singles. I can’t take credit for anything but helping to comb the beach and supporting her drill bit habit. We are hoping to possibly market them in towns around their origins to support our habit but for now they are just piling up like rabbits. If anybody is interested in supporting our drill bit habit and caring for one of these mini cairns let me know.



More Danglers

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Bigfoot sighting, well almost
Day 3 (2/19/12)
After yesterdays wonderful day on the trail we tried a different section today. It started out quiet and we probably should have spent more time building. We managed to do one build each before the trail was teaming with people and it was impossible to build anything without being seen. As I have said before, we aren’t as secretive as we once were but we still like to keep it on the down low. So today kind of ends up being about the work of others, which is fun anyway. When we walked past “Tripod Build” we noticed that somebody had added to it since yesterday. But the highlight of the day came when happened across a path of Bigfoot tracks on the trail. Somebody had stenciled Bigfoot tracks crossing the trail. It was quite hilarious. A short way up the trail somebody else had rebuilt my “Prairie Build” including objects that hadn’t been in the original. Finally, on the way home we noticed one of our friend Grant’s “Plunkers” still on a pole. This is what I had hoped for when I had started five years ago, that others would start participating. The fact that somebody had planned, made stencils and spray painted the foot prints was very encouraging. Maybe someday people will head to the Interurban trail for the sole purpose of ReCreating.
My first build of the day

Eileen's first build of the day

Old building

Prairie Build rebuilt by others

Second build of the day

Rebuilding the Grotto

Grant's Plunker

Coq au Vin

History Repeats itself
Day 2 (2/18/12)
The Coq au vin is in the oven and there is an hour to kill. What a perfect time to hit the trail for a little ReCreation. It was a great day to get out and do some building. To our surprise we were not he first people out building. Less than a mile down the trail we came across a little cairn built by others and it was not the last sign of others building. This really makes me happy. After four years other people are starting to get into it. Since there was a nice pile of stones by the first others build we decided to build a couple of our own. After we got a mile out we determined to go a little further and check on tripod build. I guess we forgot that was another mile out. Remember we have coq au vin in the oven. Well the chicken can wait. When we got to Tripod, not only was it standing but it had been added to. I did a few things to it while Eileen did a new build of her own. She called it a Farnsworthesque build because it was elevated on spikes, a common device used by our friend Matt in his builds. Somebody else had built by Tripod which I added a couple of stones to. I don’t have a problem with people adding to mine, in fact I promote it so I hope nobody is offended by my adding to theirs. Somebody had gone through during the winter and cut down all the telephone poles so the K build was destroyed. Dangler was still up, making her the second oldest build next to tripod, but in need of repair. Perhaps we will get to it tomorrow. Two hours have passed and we are greeted at the door by the wonderful smell of Coq au vin cooking in the oven. Yes, it is perhaps a little over cooked, it is hard to get the chicken out without it falling off the bone, but it is delicious. Life is good. 
Cairn by Others

Eileen's and My Builds


Eileen's Farnsworthesque Build

Started by Others

Eileen's Tree Build