Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Building New Mexico

My first build in New Mexico
Day 1 (3/29-4/2/15)

If spring doesn’t come to you, by all means go to spring. It had not been a terrible winter but we were definitely starting to get spring fever. There had been a few days when we could have gotten out on the trail but so far it has been a busy spring. At any rate, spring break in New Mexico was just what the doctor ordered to cure the winter blues. I didn’t get to build as much as I would have liked and there certainly was ample supply of rocks. My first build was on the way to Santa Fe. We stopped to photograph some stunning red cliffs and I noticed a plethora of rocks just waiting to be stacked. After that we continued on to Santa Fe where I had another opportunity. I didn’t have a lot of rocks to work with but managed to get a small build. The next day we went to Bandelier National Park and I had a couple more opportunities. I found the New Mexican landscapes spectacular. While at Bandelier I stopped by a river to do some building and noticed the stones were very light. I am guessing they were volcanic from the last eruption of the Valles Caldera. I also build my largest cairn at the Park. After that it was time to head back to Wisconsin. It is supposed to be warming up soon so hopefully the building season will begin. 
Red Cliffs

Starting my first build

Just about finished

Santa Fe Build

Finished Santa Fe Build

Kiva Build

Another View

Volcanic Build

Last Build

Last Build Finished