Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Day 18 (7/6/10)

I got new tires on the “Hoo Koo E Koo”, so I had to go and test them out. They worked great but then again not getting a flat is always a plus. It is very hot in the Midwest right now, 86deg with 67rh at trail time, so I confined myself to a couple of rebuilds and some chalk work. As I may have stated earlier, I just finished reading “Guerilla Art Kit” by Keri Smith. I was hoping for some new inspiration, which I found. I have decided to add chalk drawings and messages to my repertoire. I realized that if I do much drawing I will have to invest in more chalk. The asphalt really eats it up. Today I just wrote Recreation – Creation = Re by “Tripod”. I was planning on writing Re + Creation = Recreation further down the trail but didn’t get around to it. I was attacked again by the blackbird. This time it almost hit me and uttered a sound I have never heard a blackbird make before. It kind of startled me. I rebuilt a sculpture that had been down since I had hurt my back. I decided it was probably fit enough to go for it. I kind of changed the orientation of it and am much happier with it. The wind was already blowing it around so I will probably have to rebuild it again. I was happy to find that all of my other builds were still up.

Nature imitating Art.

I couldn’t resist.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Peace and Spedders

Day 17 (7/3/10)
I think it only appropriate that on the weekend of the 4th of July (a holiday built around the sounds of war) that I set out this morning to rebuild” Peace Memorial”. Peace Memorial had been one of my earliest builds on the south trail back in 2008. At first it lasted a long time and even got embellished by passersby. I still remember how excited I had been when I got there one day and somebody had decorated it with flowers, feathers and various other doodads. But eventually it became a target. Every time I would set it up somebody would come along and destroy it. Eventually somebody scattered the stones and I decided it was a losing battle and, like is so often the case, Peace fell by the wayside. After leaving it dormant all last summer I thought I would give it another try. The first thing I noticed when I started down the trail was that Saturday Morning must be when all the Eddie Spedders come out to dance. If you have not read my blog before you may not be aware of the taxonomy of a Spedder. You can identify the Spedder by their audaciously colored thorax, sleek abdomen, large bug eyes, and hardened skull caps. Like most of their species, they like to speed up when encountering other traffic and buzz by in the most obnoxious way, usually uttering some call that sounds remotely like ooonnn yyoouurr lleeffftt. This usually leaves me startled and results in a quick jerk to the left. Oh well, like cockroaches perhaps they will survive the destruction of the planet that humans seem so resolute in doing. In spite of the Spedders I did find a window in which to build a couple of cairns including “Peace Memorial”. I almost though I wasn’t going to get that chance. When I got to the building sight there was a Biking couple who had just sat down on the bench for a break. I rode past down the trail until I got to a sight where they had poured concrete along the edge of the trail to keep it from eroding. I found it interesting that it had preserved the tracks or a deer that must have happened along. After stopping to photograph it I headed back. The couple was still there so I decided to call it a day. Shortly after passing I looked back to see them leaving so I went back and once again, there might not be peace in the world but there is peace in that little corner of the world.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fallen Nest and Sculpture

Day 16 (7/2/10)

Another beautiful Wisconsin day beckons us back to the bike trail. I had to go with my backup bike since I had blown a tire yesterday. It was actually kind of fun riding it again. My backup is a thirty year old Vista Espada road bike that still works quite well. Along the trail Eileen found a small bird nest that had blown out of a tree. I have always been intrigued by birds nest. It probably dates back to my childhood when I always had a Nest collection at the county fair as a 4H project. It held many fond memories because my grandfather had helped me collect them. I think now it is illegal to collect them. My guess is that it is probably a warbler nest based on size and construction. It is amazing what great basket makers they are. This one even has some synthetic fiber in it. Now if they can just get it to stay in the tree. We did a little rebuilding but for the most part just enjoyed the ride and the beautiful weather.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Day 15 (7/1/10)

What a beautiful day. I got out early this morning and it was a good thing because the trails were already getting busy. It was a little depressing that two of my builds from Tuesday were already down and in both cases it was obviously by the hand of man. I will never understand this need to destroy. Oh well, they may never understand the need to create. I had intended on rebuilding the one I had named “Orbits” anyway. I had thought of some things that I wanted to do different. I might do a couple more things to it if it survives but for now it is one of my favorites of the summer. I had been told about an attacking Red Wing Blackbird that had been swooping down on people as they rode the trail. I am not sure if it was the same one but I did have one dive at me today. As somebody who grew up in a swamp I am used to and even entertained by the antics of nesting Blackbirds. I found a bundle of used twine just off the trail on one of the crossovers. Although not right on the trail, I think it was close enough to be used for building. I don’t like the rebuild of “A Question of Balance” as much as the one I had built before so I see rebuilding in its future. The ants were just about as bad as they were the other day. While I was rebuilding the cairn on “Tripod” I heard the unmistakable sound of my tire going flat so it was another slow awkward ride back home. I guess its time for new tires. I just hope there isn’t much downtime. I am just getting on a roll.