Thursday, July 1, 2010


Day 15 (7/1/10)

What a beautiful day. I got out early this morning and it was a good thing because the trails were already getting busy. It was a little depressing that two of my builds from Tuesday were already down and in both cases it was obviously by the hand of man. I will never understand this need to destroy. Oh well, they may never understand the need to create. I had intended on rebuilding the one I had named “Orbits” anyway. I had thought of some things that I wanted to do different. I might do a couple more things to it if it survives but for now it is one of my favorites of the summer. I had been told about an attacking Red Wing Blackbird that had been swooping down on people as they rode the trail. I am not sure if it was the same one but I did have one dive at me today. As somebody who grew up in a swamp I am used to and even entertained by the antics of nesting Blackbirds. I found a bundle of used twine just off the trail on one of the crossovers. Although not right on the trail, I think it was close enough to be used for building. I don’t like the rebuild of “A Question of Balance” as much as the one I had built before so I see rebuilding in its future. The ants were just about as bad as they were the other day. While I was rebuilding the cairn on “Tripod” I heard the unmistakable sound of my tire going flat so it was another slow awkward ride back home. I guess its time for new tires. I just hope there isn’t much downtime. I am just getting on a roll.

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