Sunday, February 19, 2012


Bigfoot sighting, well almost
Day 3 (2/19/12)
After yesterdays wonderful day on the trail we tried a different section today. It started out quiet and we probably should have spent more time building. We managed to do one build each before the trail was teaming with people and it was impossible to build anything without being seen. As I have said before, we aren’t as secretive as we once were but we still like to keep it on the down low. So today kind of ends up being about the work of others, which is fun anyway. When we walked past “Tripod Build” we noticed that somebody had added to it since yesterday. But the highlight of the day came when happened across a path of Bigfoot tracks on the trail. Somebody had stenciled Bigfoot tracks crossing the trail. It was quite hilarious. A short way up the trail somebody else had rebuilt my “Prairie Build” including objects that hadn’t been in the original. Finally, on the way home we noticed one of our friend Grant’s “Plunkers” still on a pole. This is what I had hoped for when I had started five years ago, that others would start participating. The fact that somebody had planned, made stencils and spray painted the foot prints was very encouraging. Maybe someday people will head to the Interurban trail for the sole purpose of ReCreating.
My first build of the day

Eileen's first build of the day

Old building

Prairie Build rebuilt by others

Second build of the day

Rebuilding the Grotto

Grant's Plunker

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  1. I'm sure everyone will think that big foot is a secret carins builder. Along with a love of bacon and avoiding reality T.V. shows.