Friday, July 25, 2014

A Day in the Life

Our favorite way of ending the day at
 Grandpa Daycare
Day 23 (7/23/14)
As we near the end of the Grandpa Daycare summer it gets harder to find things to write about. We have fallen into a bit of a routine, the first hour and a half we finish breakfast if he hasn’t already done so, play with toys and go for walks around the yard. At nine we get everything loaded into the chariot and head out to the bike trail where we do some riding, napping, building and a whole lot of just observing. When we get home depending on the day we do some more playing or take a bath, at least one of us does to cool off. At 11:00 it is time for lunch, again at least for one of us. After lunch we sit in the chair and have a bottle, even though Wade can do it on his own with a sippycup, grandpa isn’t willing to give up his snuggle time. I have a feeling Wade enjoys it as well. After that it is almost time for mom and dad to come and pick him up. There may be a couple of diaper changes squeezed in the somewhere. Squeezed might not be the best word when dealing with diapers. Tomorrow we will take a look at some of the things learned over the last five weeks.

Some of our favorite toys

Part of our morning walkabout

Ready set go

Another favorite stop when the
 mosquitoes leave you alone

And of course we have to check the fishies


Snuggle Time

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