Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot Day in July

Dead Crane Build
Day 22 (7/22/14)
It was the hottest day of the summer so far and Wade is getting a new tooth. I figured my best bet at keeping him happy was to keep him moving. With that in mind we left the house earlier than usual. I still had some things I wanted to take care of at the school so our first stop was there. I did what I had to get done and spent a little time chatting with people and started for the trail. On the way we passed a friend’s house and he was out in the yard so we stopped to talk to him. He wanted to show me his indigenes plant garden that he has been working on the last several years. Many things were in full bloom and it was very interesting. Wade was starting to get a little restless so once again we were off to the trail. We pretty much had the trail to ourselves. Unfortunately it was a little warm to do much building since I didn’t want to leave Wade long even in shaded areas. Everything I had built yesterday was still up so I was happy about that. When we got to what I call the “Dead Crane” build I spent some time rebuilding it. I also happened to notice the remains of one from several years ago called “Tin Man” that I sort of started putting back together. It will warrant more work in the future but the warm weather in combination with the mosquitoes drove me away. By then Wade was starting to wake up so we worked our way home against a pretty strong head wind. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.   

Tin Man

Another view of Dead Crane Build

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