Monday, July 21, 2014

Destruction and Rebirth

I think I will name this "Changing of the Guard"
Day 21 (7/21/14)
This is the last official week of Grandpa Daycare. I am thinking about continuing to take Wade out on the trail until school starts but we will see how much of my summer work I get done. I have kind of fell behind on my “to do list”. Soon after we got to the trail I noticed my first three constructions had been knocked down. Again you could see the difference between nature and human nature. I didn’t bother to rebuild them because as close as they are to town my guess is now that somebody has targeted them they will continue to get hit. It’s too bad because I really like some of the materials I have to work with there. Maybe in a week I can give it another try. Fortunately people who choose destruction are usually not real ambitious and after first crossing there was no sign of intentional damage. Not long after that I saw a flashing light up in the distance which turned out to be a tractor mowing the edge of the trail. Because of the Mower Man and the amount of traffic on the trail I didn’t figure there would be much chance to build today but when I got up by the “Prairie Build” however, the trail seemed clear. Just as I started working on rebuilding it a “Speder” went zooming by. I am not sure where he came from but I am guessing off the side road. At any rate if he noticed me at all he was in too much of a hurry to give me much consideration. It is not often that I am totally happy with my builds but both of the ones I made today I really like. Let’s hope they stay up awhile.

First two builds Destroyed

New "Giacometti Build"

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