Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wade Wednesday

My View of Wade Today
Day 12 (7/1/14)

After the beautiful day yesterday it was cold, windy and cloudy when I woke up today. Ordinarily this would be Eileen’s day off but she offered to help somebody out at work so it is just Wade and I for “Wade Wednesday”. Just about the time that we usually take our daily bike, build, and nap it started raining. The weather channel lied again. After several attempts at getting Wade down for a nap it started to look not so bad outside. The rain had stop and was more of a visible mist. Well what the heck, Wade will be safely in his pod. After getting him tucked in snug as a bug we were on our way. The wind was coming in the opposite direction as yesterday which made riding out against the wind kind of cool and wet. I knew though it was going to make coming back a whole lot easier. As expected, Wade was out by the time we got to “A Question of Balance” build which is the first one on the trail. I knew there would be no building today. This was about somebody getting a nap and so far things were going as planned. I even surprised a deer on the trail who was probably thinking nobody would be crazy enough to be out on a day like today. I went as far as second crossing and turned around to come home, my objective met. When I got to “Tripod” I remembered I hadn't got a chance to Photograph a build I started yesterday. OK, I couldn't resist adding just a couple pieces before taking off. After this I was starting to get pretty saturated so I started for home. I had kind of hoped that Wade would continue sleeping once I got home but as we rode past the factory the noise woke him up. He had gotten a good nap though and was jabbering on by the time we got home. 
Ready to Go

A build I started yesterday

One still standing from our spring trip

I couldn't resist adding just a couple of things

Mission Accomplished 


  1. I guess calling you a "TRUE ARTIST" would be like saying "she's a little pregnant" but what you do out there is an inspiration to me. I don't have the "art gene" but I admire how you live life.