Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fall in July

New Builds at "Question of Balance" Site
Day 19 (7/15/14)
It was a beautiful autumn day in July. When we first hit the trail it was in the low sixties. There was a cool northern wind and dark clouds which promised flocks of geese and ducks more than rain. It was the sky from just about every duck stamp you have ever seen. Because of the cool weather we pretty much had the bike trail to ourselves. It was a good thing that we did because the winds of change had taken their toll on my constructions. For the first time this year there was sign that wind wasn’t the only thing taking its toll on the sculptures. At my second stop of the day I saw where somebody had taken rocks from one build and thrown them at another to knock it down. It always bothers me a little when people damage them even though I should be used to it by now. When nature tears them down that is part of the process but when humans do it I feel more of a personal assault. I realize that some people may think my constructs are vandalism but at least I am creating and not destroying. At any rate I had a lot of work to do and a great day to do it. Wade had fallen asleep by the time we were at the trail so as soon as I could I started rebuilding. After rebuilding the first three constructions I decided to bike up and check out the other builds and see how they had faired. Everything up to first crossing was down but after that most things were still standing although somewhat damaged by wind. I was happy to see that. I started building my way back home but pretty soon I noticed Wade watching me so I put some finishing touches on and headed for home. On the way home past the bank the temperature was up to sixty five degrees.

Nap Time

Rebuilds at the trashed Site

A few Additions

Restart of Hippy Dippy Weather Man

If you cant trust a bank who can you trust?

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