Friday, July 11, 2014

Plunker Madness

Day 17 (7/11/14)
It was a bit warmer today as Wade, Eileen and I headed north on the bike trail. Soon after we got on the path we ran into our friend Teiva who told us about a swarm of ants up the trail a ways. We headed on to check it out. On our way we noticed that somebody had been out on the trail and left blue plunkers on some of the poles. We have a pretty good idea as to who did it but of course are sworn to silence. By the time we got to the swarm it had started to break up. I had to do some rebuilding right away at the first site but after that everything else was pretty much intact which gave me some time to build a new small one. Again because of the temperature and the mosquitoes I didn’t get to stay in one place long before they would start to swarm around Wade’s trailer. It was a pleasant ride however and as long as we kept moving the mosquitoes weren’t a problem.

What's Grandpa doing Grandma? 

Quick Rebuild

Swarming Ants

The Crew

Working on a New Build


See you next Week


  1. It wasn't me. I don't even know what a plunker is!

  2. I bet Wade loves these trips! Ps. I don't know what a plunker is either.