Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Windy Day Pest Control

A Beautiful Wisconsin Day 
Day 14 (7/8/14)

There is nothing like wind to keep the pests at bay. Except for the wind it was an otherwise beautiful day when Wade and I headed out to the bike trail. Surprisingly there were few people on the trail so Wade and I started building almost immediately. We stopped and redid part of "A Question of Balance” that had gone down in the wind. After that we continued on until we came across one of the baby woodchucks from yesterday. I was able to get a few pictures of the one but I never did see the other. By now Wade was sleeping so I raced off to the areas around "Tripod" were I had found materials and started building. Again there were no large pieces so I had to settle for what was at hand. Because of the wind there were no mosquitoes to speak of. After about ten minutes of building I noticed that Wade was watching me. I finished working on what I was doing and headed for home. Eileen has the day off tomorrow so the three of us can head out.
A nice way to start the day

No Name Rebuild

Fast to sleep


I think I will call it "Area 57"

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