Monday, June 30, 2014

One Year Old Today

Sun screen, check Finger food, check Fluids, check 
Day 10 (6/30/14)

The most important thing about today is that it is Wades 1st year birthday. What better way to spend part of it then on the bike trail. Summer is finally here and it is rather warm (82ish) so it takes a little more preparation to get out on the trail. First you need some sun screen, some finger food and lots of fluids. I also mounted a thermometer viewable from the outside on Wade’s chariot so I can keep track of the temperature in his pod. It was a little windy when we took off but mostly it was from the side or at our backs so it was of no consequence. Later would be a whole different story. As I expected, because of the wind last night only tripod was not affected. My plan was, since there were quite a few people on the trail, to ride out and repair on the way back. I knew there would be very little chance for new building since it was warm and we had a limited amount of time. The plan started out fine. I rebuilt what was left of “Prairie Build” and was moving on to the next one when I noticed the wind starting to pick up and clouds gathering in the west. I determined to stop and rebuild the next one anyway. When I had it finished I tried to take a picture of it and my camera gave me a “memory card error” message. I had been having trouble with it so it wasn't totally unexpected but it is only a year old. I messed around with it and got a couple of pictures but then it quit for good. Considering the wind and the lack of camera I headed for home. It was not an easy ride, especially the parts that were directly into the wind. The trailer makes a pretty god parachute with wind screen up. Wade was awake by then however and seemed to be enjoying it, judging by the jabbering that was going on behind me. That boy can make anything better. It never did rain.
My view

What a cute Birthday Boy

Prairie Rebuild

Wind Proof I hope

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