Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's not how far or how fast but what you do and what you see

Wade Illustrating the Forces of Nature
Day 7 (6/25/14)

The Dolmen project is not entirely about outdoor fun and recreation. There is a great deal of research and development that goes in behind the scenes. Much of the morning is spent with Grandpa trying new elaborate ideas while Wade illustrates how vulnerable they will be to the forces of nature. We have a vast array of building materials to work with so that we are able to ensure every scenario. Occasionally we take a break from our studies to journey to the magic gate. This amazing portal allows free travel for the kitties between our realm and the underworld and back again. It is a place of vast mystery. Wade has spent a great deal of time studying this anomaly. All that research can really tire a guy out and Wade was fast to sleep soon after leaving the driveway. It was a beautiful day, by far the best we have had so far. Surprisingly there were not a lot of people on the trail so we were able to do some building. I still spend a lot of time scavenging for materials. Where I think there should be resources sometimes there isn't so I end up working with what I can find. That is kind of the idea anyway but sometimes the pickings are quite meager. I am sure after a couple of weeks we will have located some good stashes. Wade must have really enjoyed the nice weather because he slept right up to the last build. It can’t get much better than it was today nice sunshine, good company (although very quiet) and creating.
Research and Development

Another failed attempt

Perhaps this?

No Way

At the mystery portal

Question of Balance rebuild

Tripod gets a Dangler

A Start

Dare I call it Slender man 

Another start

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