Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Affair

Day 7 (6/25/14)
Me and My Little Buddy

Grandma had the day off so she joined Wade and me on our daily ride and build. Yesterday after our ride a storm went through so I was surprised to find everything still standing, although our first build had some parts missing. Tomorrow perhaps we can fix it. It was another cool damp morning with a heavy fog that you could feel like a thin mist pelting your face. We used the trip to check out future build sites. The area where “Dangler” used to stand has really grown up and I think somebody must have taken the steel for scraping. Although I found the wood and the rocks from the original sculpture there was no sign of the parts that had given Dangler its name and character. I will probably look future but since it has grown up so much it would not be visible anyway. When we got to the site of the old “Prairie Build” I decided to stop and make my one build of the day. Unlike the area around Dangler there seemed to be materials and a nice area to build in. I may have to build a few more there. As I was finishing up the new “Prairie Build” Wade began to wake up so we started making our way back home. We had gone further out then I had gone with Wade before but he seemed quite content on the ride home. Tomorrow is supposed to a nice so I am pretty excited. Maybe summer will make it to Wisconsin yet.
Grandma Daycare

We really need to make a Bigfoot Crossing Sign

Working on my first and only build

Somebody is wide awake

New "Prairie Build" 

Are we home yet?

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