Saturday, June 28, 2014

End of the Week

Even the trail repair crews are getting into the spirit 
Day 9 (6/27/14)

It is Friday and Eileen has the day off so it is off to the bike trail with Wade. This is the end of the first week of Grandpa sitting for Wade. He has done very well and taught me a lot. I now know how to clap on command and that what goes up must come down and many other life lessons. It is another beautiful summer day. Things are starting to look up. While other parts of the country are wondering how they are going to survive the drought conditions Wisconsin people were starting to wonder if they should be building an ark. Although there are still huge mosquito breeding pools along the trail it is starting to dry out some. Our goal was to make it to Oostburg and back. It is only a matter of eight miles but when you have a one year old with you and you want to get some building done it is an accomplishment. Fortunately Eileen had the foresight to bring some finger food and water with us. Most days he sleeps most of the trip but today He was determined to stay awake for most of the adventure. He was very good but we could tell toward the end though that it would not have been much longer and he would have wanted out. I only built one new construct from scratch but continued to add to a couple more. It has been a great start to the summer. Four more weeks left for Wade to attempt to teach this old dog new tricks. 
This should balance

OK Lets take a different approach 

Heart of Fools

Snack Time

Again with the Ants

Happy Friday

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