Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Good Day to Build

First Build with Wade
Day 6 (6/24/14)

It feels good to be back on the trail again and even better to have my little buddy with me. Today was our first day of building. OK, maybe Wade doesn't do a lot of building but he is there for moral support. We started building almost as soon as we hit the trail. I had built there before and knew there would be a nice supply of materials. I was right and although they were protected by biting ants I am getting pretty impervious to them by now. I was happy with how the first build went together. I now have two concerns while building. One is not being seen while building and the other is making sure my partner is comfortable and happy. So far they both have been easy since there are few others out on the trail and Wade falls to sleep almost as soon as we hit the trail. He missed a lot of wildlife today though. I saw deer, cranes and lots of bunnies. The deer must be used to people because he just stood and watched until I slowed to get my camera. Then he was gone. The second build I had to wade out into the water the build and since I wear crocs it’s not a problem. I love my crocs. This second build was small but intriguing. By the time I was finished with that build the sun was starting to poke out. I wanted to make one more build and that was “Tripod”. “Tripod” is my oldest and dearest build and although it has gone through many incarnations it has always been there from almost the beginning. It is up but by no means finished.  I decided not to take any chances with my little ward waking up crabby so I called it a day and headed back home. Just as I stopped to check for traffic at the end of the bike trail he looked up and around and was wide awake for the rest of the ride home.
Getting Started

First Build Finished

Water Build

"Tripod" is Back

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