Sunday, July 5, 2015

Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Wade
Day 5 (6/29/15) – (7/4/15)

I had wanted to do more blogging this week but I was just too busy. It was the week of Wades second birthday and that called for almost a week long celebration. In spite of all the extra hoopla we did get out on the bike trail four out of the five days though. In this blog I am going to be brief and just focus on the pictures to tell the story. 
Making the Drawerings 6/29

Looking for material 6/29

Starting some new Builds at Prairie 6/29
6/30/15 Wades actual Birthday.

More Chalk 6/30

Landscape 6/30

New Build at Prairie 6/30

Another Prairie Build 7/1

Set Go!

New Question of Balance 7/1
7/2 Going South
Eileen and Wade Drawing

Peace Memorial was still standing but needed some repairs from last year.

A certain amount of goofing off happens on the trail

Grandpa is always working though

It has been a long week

I love my job!

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