Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sidewalk Chalk

I like to make Drawerings
Day 4 (6/26/15)

Occasionally all the stars line up and perfect days are born. This was one of those days. We have had some really great weather in Wisconsin so far this summer, by my standards. I am sure that some people would disagree and would like warmer temperatures. I however just love when it is in the seventies and sunny. Wade had been sick so we missed a couple days on the trail. We were ready to make up for lost time. Once again Eileen was able to go with us which always makes for a nice ride. Wade has really been into sidewalk chalk lately so we decided to bring it along and Wade and Eileen drew while I built. As we had figured, this year Wade is not just satisfied sitting in his trailer and watching or sleeping. He wants to be an active participant. Our first stop was at a building site that I call “A question of Balance”. All the materials were still there so it was a rather quick setup. This was good because it is also a site that is always plagued with biting ants. While I was building Eileen and Wade kept watch and drew on the trail. Wade found it really neat to be able to get out and draw on the bike trail so when it came time to leave he wasn’t exactly thrilled. Our next stop was again at the site of “Tripod”. This has become one of my favorite building sites because of the availability of a variety of materials for building. Once more Wade and Eileen kept watch and made drawings while I did my thing. There were surprisingly few people on the trail for how nice it was so we were able to spend some quality time. After we were done there we continued on to Oostburg before turning around to return home. We made a couple more stops to draw on the way home. It is the summer of potty training for Wade so stopping often pays great dividends and making drawings is its own reward.

At the Building Sit
"A Question of Balance"

"Tripod" building site

At Work


This chalks for you

Cairn at Tripod site

Turn around at Oostburg

One last stop

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