Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Tripod Rebuild
Day 3 (6/23/15)

Grandma didn’t have to go in to work today until one o’clock so she had the morning free to go out biking with Wade and me. It was another beautiful morning. Shortly after getting on the trail we saw some Sandhill cranes. Even though they have become quite abundant in our area we still love seeing these majestic birds. One of the builds that I had built yesterday was already down but my goal for the day was to get tripod back up so we rode on. Tripod is my oldest existing build. It has gone through more incarnation than Dr. Who. It may need a little more work in the future but for now it is standing. We continued on to the prairie build which was still up but Wade helped me put some rocks on it. Wade had a great time with Grandma along. It meant he could spend more time out of his cart and exploring. On the way home he was singing some song that only he knew but he had a great time.

My Partners in Crime

Where Grandpa Go

Feels great to be building again

Hmm, Lets see


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