Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Day 8 (7/8/15)

Wednesdays are Grandmas day off so we were able to all go out on the trail. Like yesterday it was kind of chili but at least the wind had let down some. We noticed that some of the berries along the trail are starting to get ripe and the birds love it. There is one particular area that seems to have all the birds flocking to it but we haven’t been able to figure out what is different in that area. My guess is that there must be something scrumptious that they are eating. Tomorrow I will have to explore farther. I did try to get a picture of a Cedar Waxwing but it took off just as I snapped the shot. We also saw what we think was a brown Thrasher. It was slightly longer and thinner than a robin. The color in the sun seemed almost like that of a female cardinal. I hope I get a better look at it in the future or even a picture.  Later I did get some cool pictures of a couple of Killdeer that were walking on the tracks. I have to rig up a front mount carrier that gives me easy, quick access to my camera. I didn’t do any new building today but I did do some maintenance on a couple. Wade of course continued to decorate the trail with his chalk drawings. There seemed to be a lot of families out on the trail today. We saw a couple of strollers and several groups with children. Perhaps it was because of the nice weather. After we got home we wished we would have spent more time on the trail but perhaps because it was busy we seemed to rush faster than usual. 
Prairie Rebuild

Making Drawings

Giacometti Rebuild



On the Road Again

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  1. I just read a great article today about balancing rocks. In the Star Tribune variety section. Peter Juhl