Thursday, July 16, 2015

Almost total Destruction

Chugga Chugga
Day 11 (7/16/15)

I must admit that I hate days like today. It started out as almost a perfect day. It was cool enough when we started out to have sweatshirts but there wasn’t a lot of wind and it promised to be a great day. That was until we got to the first build site and saw that everything was down. We had missed going out yesterday but Tuesday everything had been standing. Seeing as they had survived the weekend storms and we had not really had any bad weather since I had my suspicions. We traveled on. I had noticed Tuesday that “Giacometti Build” was down so Wade and I stopped to set it up. I like this site but unless I am able to scavenge some new materials it is likely to be left to nature. Each time it gets harder to put it back up. It was when we got to the “sculpture park” that my worst fears were realized. Everything was down. Not even “Tripod”, which had managed to make it through the entire summer, was standing. By now I should be used to it and I realize that if I choose to build in public places others have the right to knock them down. It is still exasperating though since last weekend had produced so many nice builds. Life goes on and soon Wade and I were back at work. I managed to set up one of Chris’ that had gone down in the storm on Sunday. I was going to set up “Tripod” but when I was almost done it fell on my foot so I decided to wait for another day to finish it. We determined to go home and lick our wounds.
Cedar Waxwings

Giacometti Build

Brown Thrasher

New Dangler Rebuild

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