Monday, July 13, 2015

The Second Coming

Our first Piece
Day 9 (7/11/15)

Every couple of years an old friend Chris shows up to go out and help build on the bike trail. Since he has his MFA in sculpture it gives them some “street cred” not to mention a different vision. This year was extra special because I don’t get to build as much anymore and it was nice to have a block of time to devote all my attention to creating. Seeing as Chris was here and we had only a limited amount of time we determined to dispense with stealth. This became a good decision since the trail was the busiest I think I have ever seen it and it was the only way to get anything done. We wasted no time and started building as soon as we came across the first viable site. It didn’t take us long to get into the swing of things and were soon collaborating on our first piece. Eileen appointed herself as designated photographer and recorded the whole affair. At the first site we were reminded that creating on the bike trail has its own set of challenges when we were attacked by biting ants. I just always remind myself that they were here first and it is I who is disrupting their home. It turned out to be one of the warmer days we have had so far this summer and before long we were dripping with sweat from the exertion. Before long we fell into a routine of building for awhile and then riding to cool off. At times I would let Chris build and I used the time to salvage materials from the area. An important part of my credo is to use only materials that are already on the trail and to never introduce foreign objects so this opportunity to peruse the area in search of new materials was a godsend. It wouldn’t take long however and I would be busy building a new sculpture of my own. It was a great day. It was fun to watch Chris fall into his own style of work. One of my favorite builds of the day was a very loosely weaved vertical sculpture by Chris. It had a very Native American look, almost reminiscent of their elevated platforms for honoring their dead. Unfortunately the time came when we had to bid the trail goodbye for the day but decided to return tomorrow for a little more building. 
Chris's first solo build of the day

Chris doing that Voodoo he do so well.

My first solo build

Good shot of the Sculpture Garden

Chris's second build

Chris's Native American Build

Final Product

Another View

Chris was saying how he liked to bind things
and almost on cue I found this bright orange

Another view

Our last piece a collaboration 

Our two last builds
One I started but will have to finish another day

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