Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wade's First Build

Wade's First Build
Day 13 (7/21/15)

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog, which was supposed to be about family involvement, to announce Wade’s first solo build. It had been a typical morning and we had taken off on a windy but otherwise beautiful day. Wade is starting to get a little bored with the whole biking routine and was getting restless soon after we hit the trail. I am astonished at his development over the last four weeks. He is now is not afraid to tell me when he doesn’t want to do something. I convinced him that there would be coloring and that got him more interested. For whatever reason the trail was extremely busy so we stopped once to color at the sculpture garden but didn’t get any openings to build. Wade wanted me to draw him a dump truck so that is what I did along with a barn to go with the tractor that was already there. We then continued on down the trail until we got to the prairie site. I determined that if I was going to get anything done I was going to have to build right away while there was nobody around. I wasn’t sure how Wade would do left to his own devises while I built but before long I noticed he was working on stacking rocks on his own. I couldn’t get the camera in time before he had knocked the first build down but he was fortunately starting on another. At this point knocking them down is as much fun as building them. He is on his way, however. I hadn’t planned on staying long but seeing as he was having fun I actually finished a new build which I really liked and started resetting up one of Chris’s before he started to get restless. We hopped back on the trail and continued back toward home to another of my favorite sites that I still referred to as “American Gothic Site” although the American Gothic builds haven’t been there in some time. I started reconstructing a build there when quite sternly Wade told me, “Grandpa, Go home”. I had never heard that one before but decided to follow his wishes and call it a day.
Wade's Dump Truck

Wade working on his first build

Hmm, lets see what else do I need

Grandpa this is pokey 


Start of Chris's rebuild

Warrior Class


  1. You've got to keep the building tradition alive! Good job.

  2. Wonderful! Lovely photos. :)