Monday, July 13, 2015

The Second Coming (Day 2)

What to do what to do?
Day 10 (7/12/15)

Sunday morning we did not get out as early as we would have liked. We had gone to an Art Opening Saturday night and hung out with some friends. By the time we got up and had breakfast it was already getting pretty warm outside. One of the things we did want to accomplish though was see how many builds had survived the night. It turned out that they had actually done very well. The other thing I wanted to accomplish was to get Giacometti build back up. When we got there I noticed that it must have been destroyed by humans because some pieces were on the other side of the tracks and others appeared to be gone altogether. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot to work with but after much contemplation we were able to get it back up and standing. We then pushed on to the Sculpture Garden area where we had to rebuild some of ours from the previous day. They were not totally down but did need some attention. We didn’t do a lot of new building because time was limited. Chris had to make it back home by early evening and had several hours drive in front of him. We did do a little more on the one I had started in the Prairie area yesterday but otherwise it was mostly maintenance. That being said I was very happy with some of the refurbishing.   
Giacometti back up and standing

Chris in the Garden

A rebuild that I really liked

Another Rebuild

Where do we go from here?

First we look for material

Then we discuss

Finished for now
Again I want to thank Eileen for the great photography.

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