Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Geocaching and Hawthorne Rust

Does this make my butt look big?
Day 6 (7/6/15)
After eight years of biking, building and rebuilding there are very few surprises anymore. Today, however, I had two of them. It was a pretty standard morning starting out. Wade and I were doing our usual chalk drawings; I was photographing birds a half second to late, the usual. It was warm and muggy so we were kind of just taking it easy. We had already stopped and drawn a very elaborate landscape and a green elephant with pink polka dots when I had decided I should at least try to sneak in one build. We stopped at a site that I had not visited yet this year. There was a lot of material lying around since it was the site of past builds. I started scrounging around for material when I can across my first surprise. One of the rocks in the rubble had a secret compartment. On further inspection I found out that apparently somebody had decided to use my build site as a geocaching site. At first I thought about incorporating it into a build, but decided just to photograph it and put it back where I found it. At a later date it may have to become part of a build. The second surprise came on the way home. It was more of a poser than surprise. I came across a tree/bush that appeared to have like dried mulberries sort of on it. They were giving off a bright orange dust that looked like pollen. With the assistance of a friend and Google I was able to ascertain that it was a Hawthorne tree with a bad case of Cedar, Hawthorne Rust. It turns out it is a fungus that alternates between Cedars one year and Hawthorne the next to complete its life cycle. They seemed a lot cooler until I found out it was an ailment. It turns out that the fruit of a Hawthorne is not only good to eat but good for you, if of course they are not inflicted with rust. Apparently it doesn’t kill the Hawthorns but it does ruin the berries.

Green Elephant with Pink Polka Dots

Geocaching List

A New Start

Cedar Hawthorne Rust 

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