Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Circles Grandpa"

Day 7 (7/7/15)
Boy what a change a day can make. Yesterday had been hot and humid and today was cool and windy. The sun was out though and we were in the mood to just putz around. As we started drawing at our first spot our friend Teiva happened along the trail. She drew some circles for Wade and suddenly circles are his new obsession, “Circles Grandpa”. So at Wades bidding we made a lot of circles today. Because of the wind, I suppose, the trail was quiet and probably would have been a good day for building. It does get hard to build with a two year old along though. He no longer is content to sit in his chariot and watch. He wants to help. Unfortunately it is a little dangerous if the build has any size to it. I knew from the beginning that this year would be more about watching Wade explore the world. I tried showing Wade his shadow today and he really doesn’t seem to see it. Even after showing him how I drew around it he seemed oblivious to it. At this age perhaps things have to be a little more concrete. So circles it was.

"What's that?"

Always a good perspective

My one build of the day

Time to have a drink

Lets Dance

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