Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let the work begin

Where to start?
Day 4 (7/6/16)

The town hall is finally ours so now the work begins. Tomorrow We Energies is coming to hook up the electricity. Apparently it has been off for a year. We wanted to go to Summer Fest anyway so I guess we will go to work bright and early Friday morning. The first day will probably be a lot of cleaning and planning although we have already drawn up some tentative plans. The next thing I want to do is beef up the foundation a little. Even though it looks very sound it is still 122 years old. I really hope I can find some historical information on the building and maybe even some early pictures. As much as possible we want to retain the original character of the building. I will try to do regular updates as we get into the project. 
Our first contest will be a safe picking affair

Watch that first step

We should never again suffer from the lack of folding chairs
although I would gladly trade some for the old wood type

Who else can say that they have voting booths?

Towards the street

I think I see a Tetanus shot in my future 

Looks sound though

The back side

This is what closeness looks like. Could I
borrow some Grey Poupon?

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