Monday, July 11, 2016

The Glamorous Life of a Purveyor of Culture

The glamorous life of a Purveyor of Culture
Day 7 (7/11/16)
Be a purveyor of culture they said. You’ll like it they said. An artist friend of ours, when he heard that we had purchased the Belgium Town Hall and were going to make it into a studio and gallery, was so excited that we were going to be as he put it “Purveyors of Culture” which made it sound kind of glamorous. I thought of that today as I was laying on the ground digging out the half a ton of garbage that has collected underneath the building over the last hundred and twenty two years. I am not really sure why there is everything from a children’s swimming pool, various pots and pans and a cool old booze bottle buried under the hall but that only scratches the surface. After most of the day and two trailers worth of trash we are now clear about ten feet back. Our hope is that like an archeological dig the further back we go the older and cooler the junk will become. So far it has been mostly old wood, metal, cans and bottles. My plan is to clean out underneath so I can beef up the foundation and do some insulating. I will also need access for the plumbing and some of the wiring. Mostly though I just couldn’t imagine all that junk lying under our building. We did have a bit of a respite today when a past student of mine showed up with her family because I had posted that it was a Pokémon hotspot. It is really neat that people are already curious to see what we are doing. It is after all our intention to make it a place where artists can hang out show their work and socialize. Eventually we want to start including workshops and open canvases. At some point, although I won’t go as far as to say glamorous, it should be a cool place to hang out and do artwork.
Where to start?

Not bad yet

Couldn't help seeing the symbolism

First load ready to go.

A little something for when we finish

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