Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wall Building

Day 11 (7/26/16)
First wall section in place

I finally got to start building walls today. It actually went pretty well. Whenever you do a project like this you have to make decisions and compromises. Today I had to make a decision on whether to make the work area ceiling lower to have more height in the loft or leave more room in the studio space. From floor to ceiling is fourteen foot. The 2X6’s and flooring will eat up about seven inches of that. To complicate things even more there are windows to contend with. I decided to go a little higher in the work space which gives me a healthy seven foot ceiling. The loft however will only have a six foot four inch ceiling in the highest area. For the most part that should be fine. As I have said before, even during construction we have an open door policy and enjoy it when people drop in to see what is going on. The one exception is the “I Would’s”. These are the people who come in and immediately start telling you what they would have done or even what they think you should do different. We are kind of flying by the seats our pants so it is not that I mind advice. It is just that often it is something obvious or something that wouldn’t work for our application. We also are limited on how much money we are willing to dump into a studio. I have had a couple of these “I would’s” lately. I have never seen them before and will probably never see them again so I guess I got that going for me. I should be able to get the studio all roughed in tomorrow and then it will be time for more decisions. 

Section Two

Some floor joist

Done for the Day

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