Saturday, July 9, 2016

Alternate uses for a Town Hall

Playing Ball
Day 4 (7/9/2016)

The power is now on. Yesterday we had to do some shopping so we only stopped long enough to try everything out. Most everything seems to work as far as we can tell. While we were there an elderly man stopped by who used to be on the town board. He says he has the combination for the safe so we will see what happens. Later I will have a blog on the continuing saga of the safe. Today the work really started. We knew that our grandson Wade was coming later so we decided to set up on one side and start vacuuming down the walls and floor to get rid of as much peeling paint as possible. As I vacuumed Eileen washed up everything and we started moving it to the corner which will eventually be the location of the restroom. We managed to finish most of the east wall and the floor before Wade came bursting through the door. He gets quite wound up to visit grandpa and grandma in their new digs. When you are a kid a new large open space like this is quite exhilarating. At first he started riding his scooter around but quickly moved on to playing ball. Of course all the curiosities lying around were just too unbearable to not touch. Needless to say he had a great time. Our son found out that we were a Pok√©mon hotspot. I am not sure what all that means but apparently you can win valuable prizes. After they left it didn’t take long to decide that we had done enough for the day. Tomorrow I need to go get some supplies so we will see if we get anymore done on the inside.

More ball

Now how are we going to move these?

Voting booths exposed

Done for the day

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