Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Ready for a coat of Paint
Day 9 (7/19/16)

Over the last couple of days I have been replacing windows or Winnows as Wade calls them. There were two small ones on the north side that were pretty much rotted out. I found out how rotten when I took them out. We purchased some low E double pane windows at Menards. I had never really installed windows before in anything other than an old shed so I went on line and of course there were any number of videos showing how to do it. In the videos the windows all had nice framed in areas to install in but when I got the old windows out, low and behold, no frame. They had just been floated in the wall on the ends of the two by sixes. I decided to spend the time to build in some new frames. I was not surprised to find no insulation in the walls but I was surprised to find seven inch wide airspace in there. When I get around to blowing insulation into the walls it should be quite cozy. The one thing I took away from the videos was to insulate all air spaces and caulk, caulk and caulk. Right now the most airtight area in the whole building is around those windows. Last week I had poured some concrete footings under the center beam beneath the building. Yesterday I ran out of window trimming materials so I climbed back into the crawl space and set three new floor jacks in place. For the next couple weeks I am supposed to crank them one half turn until I get them where I want them. Today I finished trimming out all but the outside of one window when the plumber came. It looks like the next couple of weeks are going to really be hopping around the hall.
Pulling out the old Window

The new frame

Putting in the new window

One down, one to go

Ready to Trim

Time out to install floor jacks 

Lots of insulation and caulk

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