Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tombstones and Bees

Something to ponder
Day 8 (7/12/18)

Today the glamour continued. Yesterday I had managed to clean out about the first 10 feet of junk under the town hall. We got an early start because I wanted to get it finished today. Eileen had came up with a system where I pulled a tarp under the hall with me and then when I got it full she could pull it back out. We had hoped that perhaps we would find older and better garbage today. We did find what appear to be broken off head stones, one with the initials A.D. and the other with A.M.P.. They are very small and when Eileen posted them on Facebook there were lots of theories as to what we had found. Other than an old boy scout camping shovel there was very little in the way of other cool stuff. After we had loaded the trailer the first time I noticed that the tire was almost flat. We walked to the hardware to get a can of fix-a-flat so that we could get the trailer emptied and taken somewhere to be fixed. As soon as I started airing it up I noticed that it was leaking around the valve stem. At least we hadn’t picked up a nail. We made it to the recycling center and then to the “Belgium Service Center” were they offered to fix it while we waited. Who does that anymore? We were thrilled. After about ten minutes we were all aired up and ready to go. Since we were right by McDonald's we decided to grab and go so that we could stay late if we had to. In two days we ended up taking four trailer loads of trash out from under the hall. All day Eileen had been seeing bumble bees and figured they must have a nest under there somewhere. On my way out I decide to pull out some rotting plywood that I had neglected before and I found the bees. Fortunately we were all finished and except for taking some measurements we were done. I was filthy but happy to have one of the dirtiest jobs finished.  
Getting started

Look I can sit in here now

Swimming in garbage

Action shot

Some of our booty

Filthy but happy

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