Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Water Closet

Still have to trim & paint
Day 16 (8/17/16)

We now have a restroom. After all the hard work over the weekend the plumber showed up on Monday with a fleet of vans and a group of workers and ran all the interior water and sewer  lines. They had one plumber and a helper working inside while another worked in the crawlspace under the building. When they were finished at the end of the day it was again our turn. Tuesday we spent the day running electrical wires and getting ready to close up the walls. The inspector made another visit to see how everything was progressing and make sure everything was up to code, so far so good. Tuesday ended up being a very long day. We left before seven to pick up some needed supplies and didn’t get the last needed sheeting up until seven at night. All our hard work paid off though because today not only did the plumber show up to finish the restroom but so did the electrician and heating and air-conditioning installer. By the end of the day we had a restroom. The electrician had wired everything into the box and we are on our way to getting the new heating and air-conditioning unit. There is still great deal to do but now that we have a toilet it seems like we are on the downhill stretch.
How many vans does it take to build a restroom?

A Tiny Visitor

Water and Sewer, Check

Pulling Wires

Painting Trim

Screwing in the ceiling

Putting up Sheeting

Wade doing the important measuring 

No more trips to the Laundry House


  1. You've been busy with plumbing by the looks of your blog titles. Stacking porcelain instead of rocks! Thanks for the blog visit. Soon, you'll be getting ready for a new school year. Good luck!

  2. Porcelain and Ceramic are such key instruments In human existence. glad to know you have some now :-)