Thursday, August 25, 2016

In with the New and Out with the Old

Preparing the slide 
Day 18 (8/25/16)

It was another big day at the hall. I had made arrangements to meet Jeff, the heating and air-conditioning contractor at eight o’clock. He was almost right on time. While he installed the new heat pump system Eileen and I continued to work on painting. The installation went well and by one o’clock we had the new system up and running. It had no problem cooling the hall in spite of our lack of insulation. I am sure once it is insulated in will be even more efficient. After we had the new system up and running we had a friend Phil coming over to get the old Reznor furnace out of the loft. Phil had helped on the remodeling of our first hall, the Legion Hall, which is now our house so it was like old times. It actually went easier than what I thought until we realized how heavy it really was. I had been told that much of the weight was in the fan unit so we uninstalled that. It was still really heavy considering we had to get it down out of the loft. Finally Eileen came up with the idea of extending the ladder and sliding it down at an angle. We knew it was bit risky but seemed like the only way of getting it down without waiting for more help. We took every precaution to eliminate as many risks as possible and then started easing it down the length of the ladder. It went off without a hitch. We were sure glad that we had gotten a new heat system though because when we pulled the pipes from the Reznor we found the chimney was completely plugged. I am not even sure how it could have been so plugged since not only was there what could have been the remains of a nest but also a lot of dirt. At any rate we thanked our lucky stars that we had never really used it. Phil also helped us lift the railing into the loft. It was a good day at the hall. 
Painting the Railing

This cant be good.

Phil disconnecting the wiring.

Here goes nothing!

Well maybe this will work

Hey look its working

OMG it worked

Phil pulling pipe

Note new heating and cooling unit on back wall behind railing

Thanks Phil

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