Thursday, August 4, 2016

Busy Week at the Town Hall Studio and Gallery

Eileen installing the Doorknob.
Day 13 (8/4/16)

It has been a busy week at the hall. Tuesday I finished putting up the paneling in the studio area, which I had started the day before, and got started paneling the gallery side of the wall. Yesterday we had to go buy more supplies and get groceries. Everything else has kind of got neglected since getting the hall. My plan for today was to do some of the finish work in the studio area and finish the gallery wall. Since Eileen was there, however, we decided to work on windows because they are kind of a two person operation especially when it comes to holding them up and screwing them in place. I did do some finish work when we first got to the hall while Eileen put in the new doorknob. Our grandson was quite concerned that there was no doorknob on the studio door. We then spent the rest of the day working on the windows. We are quite happy with how the windows are turning out and they are probably the most insulated part of the building right now. We also decided to give the air conditioner a try because it was very hot and muggy and we have been curious as to whether it worked or not. It seems to work very well so we think we will keep it to cool the studio space. Although I have to mow lawn tomorrow and do some things around home I am hoping to get the studio area mostly finished. Next week the plumbers are coming and I am hoping by the end of the week we have a good start on the restroom just in time Luxembourg Fest.
First Window Done

Entry into the studio

Inside of the studio

Gallery with Loft

Hard at work

Hard at Work

A little Shakespeare 

A fairly dangerous guy

Three windows ready for paint

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