Sunday, August 7, 2016

Halls Well that Ends Well

Finishing off the ceiling
Day 14 (8/7/16)

Finish work always takes so much time. Our goal is to try to be ready to start painting the interior in two weeks. By then we would like to have most if not all of the finish work done. Perhaps if I did this every day I would be faster but as it is it seems to take forever. Fortunately Eileen is a big help and our son Nate has been giving a hand as well. Estimating the amount of materials we are going to need is also not my forte and it seems like we often get bogged down because I have to get more supplies. Today was however a great day. Nate came over and helped trim out the edges around the ceiling in the studio area. We have decided to leave the ceiling open since it is a utilitarian space and will give a more open feeling to the seven foot ceilings. I can’t imagine how much more time it would have taken if I would have had to do all the measuring, cutting and installing by myself. It was also fun just having him there to bounce ideas off from. While we trimmed, Eileen worked on windows. Again we are trying to get the best look and insulation value that we can without breaking the bank. We have decided to continue with our use of the polycarbonate on the front windows as well but to allow in more light we are not covering the bottom third. We are putting a decorative film over the bottom half to obscure the view into the restroom and main gallery areas. It is experimental but we will see what happens. The next two weeks are going to be huge. This week the plumber is coming to start on the restroom and next week the heating and air conditioning person is coming to put in our new heat pump system. Not long after that it will be time to go back to school and I will only have nights and weekends.   
Windows, windows and more windows


Front Windows

High There

Nate giving a needed hand

Ready for sheeting

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