Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Day of Restrooms

Eileen working on the restroom window
Day 15 (8/14/16)

Where do I start? The last couple of days have been nonstop action at the hall. Thursday the plumber and excavator started installing the sewer and water into the building. It had never been plumbed before so that meant digging, finding and connecting to the city lines. For the most part it went fairly easy. Not many years ago they had rerun the lines from the street and they had the foresight to run lines toward the hall. Even so it meant a great deal of digging and grunt work to get things hooked up. By early afternoon they had water and sewer lines running up to and into the building. Now it was my turn. Before the plumber could come back the main structure of the restroom had to be roughed in. Friday we spent the day doing some finishing work. Before I could rough in the restroom we needed to finish refurbishing the restroom windows. We really liked how the main street window turned out. Since it was Friday and we knew that we were going to be working all weekend we knocked off early. Our friend Mark and son Nate had offered to help build the basic structure over the weekend. Eileen and I got started putting up the walls on Saturday. Mark (Nelly) showed up just in time to stand up the last wall and get everything nailed into place. We sat around for awhile and discussed Sunday’s plan of action and went home and grilled some chicken and prosciutto wrapped vegetables. By ten o’clock this morning we were all back at the hall. Nelly, my son Nate, daughter-in-law Rita, grandson Wade and of course Eileen and I. We had forgotten some 2X6 hangers so Eileen had to make a quick trip to Home Depot. While she was gone we started installing the door which was no small project because of warped two by fours. We were just finishing up as Eileen got back with the supplies. By one o’clock we had everything ready for the plumber to move on to the next step. I am so grateful for all the help because I am starting to run out of steam. For the most part it has been fun but it has also been a lot of hard work and I am getting to that point where I want to move on to the next stage which will be painting. My hope is the by the end of this next week most of the interior building will be done and we will have a rest room.    
First scoops

How much for that digger in the window?

Are we there yet?

Almost there

One front Window done

We have walls

Installing the Door

Wade painting Windows

Last painter not Standing

What can I get for you?

Off to the Laundry House

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