Sunday, August 21, 2016

Banging it Out

Hall Restroom sans purple accents
Day 17 (8/21/16)

It is finished, well close anyway. Just over a week ago having a restroom at the hall seemed like just a dream. As of today it is mostly finished. We ran out of ceiling paint or we would have been done. We wanted something bright that would match our love of color so we decided on a bright orange with some purple highlights. We also painted the trim white which gives some cool accents. Eileen has been doing most of the painting while I have been finishing putting up the paneling and trim. Yesterday we took a timeout to go with Wade and his parents to what I call the “Sprinkle Park”. Belgium has a splash pad at the village hall that children can come and play in. He has a blast and it is a great time just watching him have so much fun. Then it was back to work. As it stands right now we just have a couple of major things to do yet inside before we can start to paint. I still have to remove the Reznor furnace and put the railing up in the loft. There are of course lots of smaller tasks that will keep us busy not to mention cleaning. Our goal is to be ready to start painting this weekend. 
Eileen starting to paint

Through the Doorknob

At the "Sprinkle Park"

Standing on them is great fun

Especially when you get off

Insulation Selfie

Hammering down the floor

We are planning on only heating the restroom in the winter so
we are really insulating it

Window with orange paint

Safety First

Rolling the last coat

Finished restroom exterior

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