Monday, July 6, 2009


Day 15 (7/6/09)
Riding the bike trail is always an adventure and it is always fun to meet somebody new on the trail for a chat. Today I met an old gentleman who went by the moniker of “Stormy”. Stormy said that he had been riding the trail since it was a street car. He reminisced a little about how nice it used to be to ride the lines to Sheboygan. He had been out picking strawberries and had two pails full of beauties on the bike rack of what I always used to call an “English Racer”, the standard three speed bicycle with fenders and baskets. Unfortunately our conversation was cut short when he got to his turn off but he seemed in quite a hurry to get home and do something with his berries. I was able to start a build today. I am sure I will want to do more but at least I got the general structure started. I was actually surprised to get as far as I did. I definitely have to get out more.

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