Saturday, July 25, 2009

What do you do that for?

Day 21 (7/23/09)
O.K. I’ll bite, what do you do that for? This was a question posed by a man about my age, 50 something, who was rollerblading back and forth past our building site. We had dropped our stealth mode for the day because we had some friends, Matt and Tabitha, out building with us. He then asked if it was some sort of religious thing. Is rollerblading back and forth on the trail a religious thing? I imagine that anything you do on a repetitive, consistent bases could be construed as religious as in, “I do it religiously”. In that sense I guess our building is religious. That being said, it is not religious in their definition of the word and I don’t understand why that is the first place their mind always goes to. I suppose it is easier to condemn something that seems to go against our religious beliefs then just admit that we just don’t understand it. I find it somewhat amusing that we don’t question somebody running willy-nilly to and fro with no objective, after all that is how many of us spend our lives. If, on the other hand somebody is building something with no apparent reason it must be sinister. Matt is no stranger to this type of art. Matt was one of my former students and has recently graduated with a BFA, where his main concentration was construction of art from recycled items. For more on Matt’s art you can go to his blog site: . It was fun getting together again with Matt and Tab who I haven’t seen much of in the last five years and Eileen had never met. Once we started building though it was like no time had past and we were old friends. It is funny how a common interest does that. At any rate it was cool getting out there and building with new people. I was starting to feel a little stagnant.

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