Monday, July 20, 2009

St. John's Wort

Day 19 (7/14/09)
I feel bad that I haven’t spent more time building on the bike trail, but with all of the work on the tracks it is hard to get things done. I also have been trying to whittle down my to-do list at home. Things should start settling down now so maybe I will get more done. I am also hoping to get out with some other people and do some building. Today while I was out I saw my first build, done by others, in a long time. It got me thinking that I wanted to do a page of other people’s works that they have sent me. Unlike mine, most are in exotic, interesting places. One is from a friend’s (she wanted to stay anonymous) visit to Niagara Falls, two are from Maddie, Mica and Ava on their family vacation to the Boundary Waters and the rest are from Matt. For more of Matt’s art you can go to I hope people continue building and sending, I love them. Included are some of my favorites.

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