Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clean, Well-Lighted Places

I missed my calling with the circus
Day 25 (11/6/16)
I was recently reading an article in Artnews magazine about the golden age of art dealing when, as it said, all you needed to start a gallery was “Clean, Well-Lighted Spaces”. Now don’t get me wrong I am not expecting Belgium, Wisconsin to become the new Mecca of art but more and more the old hall is becoming a clean, well lighted space. The beautiful weather the last two weekends has been a bonus for getting things done. Last weekend I worked on winterizing the rest of the hall. We put a couple of remote thermometers in the bathroom, hall and crawlspace so that we can monitor the temperature for the water. So far it is all systems go. I also stated redoing the front door but after I got it finished I liked it so much that I have decided that perhaps I will cover the whole thing with polished aluminum. While I was working on the door Eileen was setting up the new popcorn machine that we got for the gallery and splash painting the floor of the loft. We decided that this weekend we were going to try out our popcorn machine on Saturday and put it out there that anyone who wanted to could stop by and have some. We had a few takers including our Grandson Wade and his parents. Wade always fills the hall with life. He has to be everywhere doing everything at once. Our friend Teiva brought her boys for awhile. When we weren’t entertaining, Eileen started painting the ceiling from the scaffolding, proving that she has a wild side, while I continued winterizing and building a cover for the air-conditioner. Today we did some serious ceiling painting. While I took over on the scaffolding Eileen finished painting the loft and over the water closet. It was a beautiful day for November 6th and we were happy to see that with the heat gain through the bathroom window the temperature got up to eighty five. That bodes well for sunny days during the winter. We still have a long way to go but more and more it is starting to look like the clean, well lighted place that we envisioned. 
New Popcorn Machine

Remote Thermometer

Working on the door

Finished Door (for now)

First pouring

Eileen being brave

Wade and Nate

Wade and Grandma checking for sticky areas

Time out for drawing

Teiva and the boys

November 6th

Air conditioner cover sans paint

Back in the Loft

Enjoying some sun

Over the Water Closet

Getting there

Hello down there

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