Sunday, November 27, 2016

Big Blue Ceiling

The Ceiling is mostly finished
Day 27 (11/27/16)

It was Thanksgiving vacation so that means four days to work on the hall. The latest big project has been painting the ceiling. Eileen had started on the area over the loft a while ago so our goal was to get it finished by the time we had to go back to work. We had looked into hiring it done but when we got the estimate of fifteen hundred dollars we decided it was something that we could do ourselves. We purchased a rolling scaffolding and paint and managed to do it for three hundred and fifty dollars and now have scaffolding for painting and insulating the outside. It proved to be a good week to work on hall because we were also able to monitor our new heating systems. It wasn’t real cold yet but most of the week was in the high thirties to low forties. I have set the bathroom and crawlspace heaters at around forty-five degrees. It may be a bit warm but we both agreed that we would rather pay a little more for heating than risk having to replace plumbing if the electricity went out. We were really happy to see that on sunny days we get quite a bit of heat gain. We also got to use the heat pump system in the rest of the building and it worked great. I am sure it will work even better when we get a chance to insulate the building. The entire week was not only about ceiling painting. While Eileen was painting I worked on wiring and while I was painting Eileen worked on some of the many other details we need to finish around the hall. At the end of the week we had indeed finished painting the ceiling and now have another major project crossed off from the list. The next big project will probably be lighting. We had thought about hanging track lighting around the hall but are now thinking that we can mount them directly on the ceiling without a problem. Slowly but surely it is starting to become the studio/gallery that we envisioned.  
Heating up the Hall

Floor of the Loft

Floor over the Water Closet

Eileen's find from under the hall

Half done

Last of first coat

Eileen working on entryway

Last Coat

Almost Done

A lot of Art

Finished Ceiling

Petitioners Bench 

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