Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kids in the Hall

Wade and the new Hand Chair from
Dutch Land Plastics
Day 26 (11/13/16)

We had spent the last couple of weekends weatherizing and cleaning so we decided it was time to enjoy the hall for a change. We had promised our grandson Wade a movie night so we figured before it got to cold we had better do it. Unfortunately, I think at this point there are going to be three children disappointed when it becomes a gallery. We decided to invite our friends Grant and Sally and their two children over for movie night along with Wade’s parents, Nate and Rita, and ourselves. To say that the children had fun was an understatement. Apparently Wade had been excited about movie night, at “the Belgium house” for days. From the moment he got there he was checking everything out. We started with some “Minion” shorts just to set the mood and make sure everything was working. Wade and Zaylia soon found they could make shadows on the screen and had a great time entertaining the guests. The feature for the night was “Ice Age 4” and it was a big hit. Even little Jossett, who is around a year and a half, was mesmerized by the big screen and at times would squeal and point in delight. Even though Wade had seen it before it was as much fun watching him as the movie. About halfway through the movie Wade and Zaylia wanted to ride their scooters so we cleared an area so they could get around. We took the opportunity to mix up some root beer floats. After some scootering and root beer floats it was time to finish the movie. Grant and Sally had brought the movie “Elf” so that was next on the agenda. By now though the children were movied out and preferred playing up in the loft. With the gates closed it is quite safe so they enjoyed throwing balls down at the adults while the adults would throw them back up in a game that soon became known as “Ball Toss”. Wade was having the time of his life. Little Jossett loved the loft area and didn’t want to come back down. Finally as Elf was finishing Wade and Zaylia started dancing to the credits music. I am not sure that I have ever seen so much fun. I think even Wade realized though that all things must come to an end and didn’t even complain when his parents told him they had to go home. He only asked how long it would be before they could do it again.
We even had a light show

Zaylia and Wade making Shadows

The Crew

Watching Ice Age 4

Enjoying the Movie


Wade busting a move

Zaylia, Wade and Rita

Up in the Loft

Ball Toss


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